Children's Dance             Workshop
About Kristen

I love to dance, and I love teaching dance. I consider it an honor, privilege, and also a great responsibility to teach dance to children. As such, I am passionate about providing high quality dance classes that nourish a child’s natural love of rhythm and movement, foster creativity and critical thinking, and introduce developmentally-appropriate dance technique at the right time. Only a few children go on to careers as professional dancers, but all can benefit from the physical, emotional, intellectual, and creative skills learned in a well-thought out dance class
--- especially in the critical early childhood and elementary years.

I have developed a highly successful teaching method over the past 7 years teaching dance on Salt Spring Island, the foundation of which is instilling in children a deep respect for their bodies, and the confidence needed to trust their own unique ways of moving. My experience has been that great things grow from this strong foundation. 

All my classes follow a careful structure based on the Brain Compatible Dance Education model developed by world-renowned dance educator Anne Green Gilbert, of the Creative Dance Centre in Seattle, where I have studied. This innovative approach creates productive, interesting, highly creative class environments, while engaging students of varying ages, levels, and learning styles. 

In concert with my teaching practice, I have maintained a committed, professional practice of training, creation, and performance in dance, theatre, and performance art for many years.

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